Odds and Sods

Being involved in the Arts for many years Karl has found it necessary to have other employment during those extended interludes when industry figures refuse to return his calls about various creative proposals. Or hide from him at social gatherings. Or avoid him on the street. Karl still cherishes the memory of one unfortunate commissioning editor who walked out in front of a taxi while crossing Dame Street to avoid Karl in early 2008. The injuries weren't fatal, however.

One source of alternative income is voice-overs. Over the years, Karl has done much voice-over work but the competition is very stiff as he has realised that a voice-over artiste is merely an actor who does not suffer from Tourette Syndrome or is in a coma.

Karl has also being a movie critic for Newstalk's The Right Hook. Karl always enjoyed working with someone who was far more curmudgeonly than himself.